I've read the entire Kafka Pandemic blog and I really recommend anybody with these conditions to read the whole blog. I'll put a link to it. And I think once you deprogram yourself, the next thing to do is to educate people ... -- Youtube video

POLL: This question relates to our strategy.

RIGHT NOW, will the health authorities and industries change more if we COMPROMISE (accept, appease, cooperate, go along with, explain, give them what they want, seek common ground, etc.) or OPPOSE (fight back, resist, seek allies, show our strength, organize, etc.)?
Choose the closest answer.

(Also, how many times did you leave the house in the last 365 days (for any reason)?


[Update: the poll got reset to zero recently, presumably due to a bug, don't know if it is updating. It might come back with your vote intact.]

What strategy will make the authorities change?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Have comments been working on this website?

I think there have been issues with the commenting mechanism on this website.

I switched back to full page comments, instead of the comment box at the end of the post. Now you comment by clicking on the link. I believe this works better for most people.

Please email me if you were -- or are -- not able to comment. My address is in the Contact me page here.


P.S. Please comment on my posts. I do not know what you are thinking unless you do.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why some diseases are wronged

In this post we take misopathy apart. (If you don't know what misopathy is, that's explained too.)

We will try to find out why some diseases are wronged.

Misopathy comes in many forms, but I want to tell you about three levels:

  1. ordinary
  2. institutional
  3. organized

Let's start with level 1.